Mosquito Net, Single and Double size, Hanging Pyramid style for Indoors or outdoors, Compact and Lightweight


[EASY TO HANG, INCLUDES PEGS] Has a hook and grip slide. Simply loop the hook over a branch or structure, hook onto cord, use the 4 pegs supplied to peg out the tent then slide the grip to tighten and raise the net to a suitable height.

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This net is ideal to keep out mosquitos and other flying bugs when camping, hikes, or even backyard star gazing. This net is lightweight and ideally suited to a single camping bed. Just find a convenient branch, overhang or even put up a guy line. Hook the net on, lay it out to cover your sleeping bag. Pin down using the 4 pegs supplied and then tighten the hold line to raise the apex. THE QUALITIES OF THE NET Weight: 185 g Colour: Green or Black Size: 220x120x100 cm 256 Mesh 50 Denier Material: 100% Polyester